Hematospermia (Blood in semen)

Hematospermia is defined as the presence of blood in the ejaculate.  The sight of blood is usually alarming and frightening for the patient and can cause anxiety.  The incidents of hematospermia are difficult to obtain as most men do not examine their semen or they are unable to confirm where the source of blood originated.

Hematospermia Signs & Symptoms

The main sign is visible blood in the semen.  Blood in the semen can be caused by having recent trauma to the testicles, a prostate biopsy or a rectal exam.  Hematospermia is abnormal and if it is consistent or worsening, a visit with the urologist is recommended for evaluation.

Hematospermia Diagnosis

The only way to confirm hematospermia is to collect a sample that is then examined at a laboratory to confirm the blood.  

Hematospermia Treatment

Most cases of hematospermia that are a result of recent trauma or a procedure resolve in about 2 weeks.  If the symptoms last longer than 3 weeks, at risk of a sexually transmitted disease or have a history of cancer, bleeding disorders or any genital/urinary surgery please seek care with a licensed urologist immediately.

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